Palladium and platinum
Resolved to have a battle.
When each one said, “There is no doubt,
I am the nobler metal.”

Said platinum, “My surface has
A silver, lustrous shine.”
Palladium said, “That is nice,
But frankly, so does mine.”

“I never rust,” said platinum,
“A fact you can’t deny.”
Palladium said, “That is true,
But frankly, nor do I.”

Said platinum, “I’m valuable,
And in very short supply.”
Palladium said, “That is nice,
But frankly, so am I.”

“To catalyze reactions,
We know platinum is best.”
“But I too”replied palladium,
“Am a super catalyst. “

“Palladium,” said platinum,
“Neither one of us can win.
We both are noble, and furthermore,
I think that we are twins.”

Based on Tweedledum and Tweedledee
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