There’s a hole in your table,
Dmitri, Dmitri.
There’s a hole in your table,
Between silicon and tin.

Someday you will fill it,
Dear chemist, dear chemist,
You’ll find a new element
Like silicon and tin.

But how shall we find it,
Dmitri, Dmitri?
The element that fits between
Silicon and tin?

My table will tell you,
Dear chemist, dear chemist.
It’s in the same family as
Silicon and tin.

I see what you’re saying,
Dmitri, Dmitri.
Its properties will be like
Silicon and tin.

You’ve got it, dear chemist,
And further, I tell you.
You’ll find that its weight will be
Seventy two.

We found it! Dmitri,
Just like you predicted!
Germanium fits between
Silicon and tin.

Based on There’s a Hole in the Bucket
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